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Foot Fungus (Tinea Pedis)

Sunday, July 16th, 2017 Elizabeth Anthony

What is Tinea Pedis? 

Tinea pedis is a foot infection due to fungus. This issue can present itself in many ways.

You may have dry scaly skin on the bottom of your feet with intermittent itching.

It might also appear as moist peeling skin between the toes.


How does one contract Tinea Pedis? 

Foot fungus can be contracted by walking barefoot in damp areas such as by swimming pools or in the shower.

Occlusive footwear, or even just wearing the same shoes and socks for too long of a period, can also increase the risk of acquiring a fungus.

Tinea Pedis is more common in patients suffering from an immunodeficiency(chemotherapy, HIV/AIDs). It can also be genetic, in that some people have more susceptible skin to contracting this type of infection.


How is Tinea Pedis Treated? 

Tinea pedis can be treated with over the counter or prescription topical antifungal creams/ointments/lotions. If these topical treatments are unsuccessful, an oral antifungal medication can be prescribed.


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