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Are You Flat-Footed?

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 Elizabeth Anthony

Pes Planus (flat feet, pes valgus) is a common complaint by patients visiting podiatrists. It is when a person does not have a sufficient arch present on their foot.

The symptoms from this issue can appear starting in early childhood. Children may complain of cramping and pain in the feet and legs, or become fatigued much more easily than would seem normal.

Adults can develop early arthritis of the joints in their feet and ankles. Foot and ankle tendonitis is also a frequent ailment that patients with flat feet suffer from.

When patients present to the office with flat feet and associated pain, xrays will be taken to view the extent of the skeletal deformity. The patient will be examined standing and also off weightbearing to view the flexibility or rigidity of the flat foot. When a proper exam is completed, a treatment plan can be created that best fits the patient’s needs.

Conservative treatment options include but are not limited to orthotics, physical therapy, injections, bracing and splinting.

Surgical treatment options range from minor soft tissue procedures to extensive bony reconstructions.

If you suffer from foot or ankle pain that you think may be associated with flat feet, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Rallatos, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Visperas or Dr. Anthony at one of our convenient locations in the North Jersey area. Innovative Foot and Ankle has offices located in Union County, Essex County, Bergen County and Hudson County.