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Heel Pain and Heel Spurs

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 Innovative Foot and Ankle

Heel pain/Heel Spurs is usually caused by a walking stride that exerts excessive stress on the heel bone. Discomfort can also result from poorly made shoes, obesity, a stress fracture of the heel bone, bruises of the fat pad under the heel, or a disease such as rheumatism or gout. Heel spurs refer to heel pain due to bone irritation. A ligament or muscle may be pulled from the heel. To ease heel pain try wearing well-fitted shoes with soft, shock-absorbent soles. Orthotic devices may absorb some of the impact on the heels. A doctor may also prescribe nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, exercises, cortisone injections, and/or suggest applying heat and/or cold to the heel. Newer techniques include crythotherapy and shockwave therapy. Surgery may be necessary as a last resort if heel pain is severe. However, today heel pain can usually be treated endoscopically. For more information visit http://www.innovativefootandankle.com or to contact us to set up an appointment at one of our convenient New Jersey locations in Kenilworth, Bayonne, Cranford, and Little Ferry