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What is Aerolase Technology?

Aerolase technology provides a new generation of laser technology that delivers higher power in gentler pulse duration, achieving best-in-class efficacy with new levels of patient comfort. Benefits of Laser Treatments Reduces thickness Improves appearance Makes nail trimming easier Virtually pain free Immediate post recovery period No anesthesia necessary For more information visit http://www.innovativefootandankle.com or to […]

Foot Care of those with Diabetes

Each day, inspect your feet for any skin breaks and changes. A hand mirror can help you see the bottoms of your feet. If you can’t see your feet clearly, ask someone to inspect them for you. Wash your feet each day with soap and warm water. Check the water temperature with your elbow since […]

When Foot Problems Occur

When foot problems occur, your feet deserve your full attention and often the care of your podiatrist. Prompt foot care may help prevent the later onset of painful knee, hip and lower back problems. These conditions can develop when you change the way you stand and walk to relieve pressure on hurting feet. If you […]

Foot Surgery

Your podiatrist has recommended that you have foot surgery. Podiatrists recommend surgery to relieve pain, correct a deformity or restore function in your foot or ankle. Because most foot surgery is elective, you and your doctor can decide when to have it performed. Foot surgery is usually performed in your doctor’s office, an ambulatory center […]