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If you notice a mole, bump or patch on the skin of a friend or family member that meets the following criteria it is important to see a podiatrist immediately. Asymmetry- if divided in half, the sides do not match. Borders- they look scalloped, uneven or ragged. Color-they may have more than one color, Diameter-they […]

Skin Tumors.

Podiatrists are trained as lower extremity specialists to recognize and treat abnormal conditions as they present themselves on the skin of the lower legs and feet. Skin cancers in the lower part of the body may have a different appearance from the rest of the body. AA podiatrists knowledge and clinical training is important for […]

How surgery may help relieve foot problems.

A painful foot is a symptom that needs treatment and foot surgery can correct your problem and relieve the pain. You do not have to live with foot pain and, in most cases, foot surgery can restore the use of your foot. Foot surgery can often improve the way your feet look and feel. Shoes […]