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Hammer Toes

Monday, February 17th, 2014 Innovative Foot and Ankle

Hammer toes are little toes that buckle or curl under. Toe joints curl because of a muscle imbalance or tight tendons. This bending causes the toe to appear like an upside-down V when looked at from the side. Hammer toes are more common in females than males These toes, over time, may hurt and make movement difficult. There are two types of hammer toes. A flexible joint may be straightened with your fingers and may not hurt. A rigid joint cannot be moved and may cause pain and discomfort. If your symptoms are mild a change in footwear may be all that is necessary. More severe symptoms may require surgery. Surgery is usually performed in a out patient clinic and may require you to war a surgical shoe for several weeks. For more information and to contact us  at Innovative Foot and Ankle  set up an appointment at one of our convenient New Jersey locations in Kenilworth, Bayonne, Cranford, and Little Ferry