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Athletes Foot

Monday, November 29th, 2010 Kenneth Donovan

Athletes Foot, also known as “Tinea Pedis”, is a skin infection causes by fungus. There are generally 2 types of presentations seen in podiatry. The first is a flakey, white, dry, sometimes itchy disorder of the foot, caused by the organism T. Rubrum. This is the most common type of athletes foot, and generally responds well to over the counter antifungal medications such as Lotrimin and Tinactin.

The second type is a more aggressive condition, that causes small fluid filled blisters, severe itching, redness and sometimes swelling. This is caused by the organism T. Mentagrophytes. This type usually requires a stronger prescription strength antifungal and in the most severe cases a short course of oral antifungals may be necessary

Left uncheck, athletes foot can lead to a secondary bacterial infection, called cellulitis. So its important to follow up with your foot doctor, if your condition worsens.

Prevention of athletes foot, usually starts at home. Its important to make sure you dry your feet really well after showering before you put your socks on. Since fungus likes a dark, damp environment, its important to eliminate those factors that can contribute to athletes foot. White socks breath cause your feet to sweat less than dark socks, so switching may be necessary. If your feet sweat throughout the day, changing into a fresh pair of socks, can also help. Various foot powders on the market can also help absorb moisture. Lastly spray the insides of your shoes with Lysol will help eliminate the fungal spores hanging out in the bottom of your shoes.