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“it feel’s like i have a burning rock in my shoe” I hear that from a patient i think instant neuroma. A neuroma is a inflamed, irritated nerve that causes pain in the ball of the foot. Hearing the suffix “oma” usually freaks people out, but in this case its a 100% benign condition and […]


Not talking about the New York Jets football team here, but instead the more serious complication of diabetes and/or smoking. Gangrene is defined as the necrosis or dying of soft tissue secondary to hypoxia (lack of oxygen). All cells and tissue in the human body require oxygen to survive. Oxygen is primarily delivered via small […]

Plantar’s Wart

“I think it may be a wart, Doc”…is what I hear a lot from patients these days. 99% of the time they are right, making it one of the more easily recognizable Podiatric conditions that we treat. A wart is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are over 120 different HPV types, and […]

Bunion Surgery: Part 1

When patients see me for consultation for their bunions, they usually believe that all I have to do is “shave the bump off”. While a bumpectomy is a recognized procedure in the podiatric world, usually its only reserved for the mildest of cases, or the elderly. Of course we recommend that all patients first try […]